Welcome to Big Boi Fitness. We specialize in helping people capture their fitness goals and also help individuals create and build a platform to sustain for a lifetime. Big Boi Fitness caters to male and female clients who want to improve their health.

The name Big Boi Fitness came from my instagram handle BigBoiRun. My name is actually Joe Simmons. As mentioned, I was a very big guy who stopped working out and my weight reached 315 lbs. I had never been above 240 lbs in my life and I had always been somewhat active. Being a former athlete, I always knew you had to move and eat right to get the best results. I worked hard and found the right combination for success and decided that I want to help others reach their goals. Life happens and some of us can’t find the time or lose our way. Before we know it, we’ve spiraled out of control and need a reboot. Here at Big Boi Fitness, we can be that reboot.

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