Welcome to Big Boi Fitness. We are a start up fitness brand that caters to the minds and the bodies of fitness and fitness apparrel. As a big guy myself, I understand the stigma that comes along with being big and working out. There was a time when I was over 320 lbs and going to the gym seemed like a full time job that I wanted no parts of. Today I tip the scale at 210 lbs and fitness is a part of my daily regimen. Big Boi Fitness is a brand that will guide you and cheer you on at the same time.

The name Big Boi Fitness came from my instagram handle BigBoiRun. As mentioned I was a very big guy who embraced working out. As I got in better shape I started to move my focus from running to cross training and the name Big Boi Fitness stuck with me. Every month I would create challenges to keep me engaged with fitness. One month it might be a run. The next month it might be to lose 5 pounds through proper diet. What I found is that I was building a brand. My tagline on instagram is a hastag GROWYOURBEARDNOTYOURBELLY. Of course many people love that one and from it a few more hasthags emerged like GROWYOURBICEPSNOTYOURBELLY and for the ladies GROWYOURBOOTYNOTYOURBELLY. In an effort to share these things with more people I decided to create a line of workout gear that would provide encouragement when you look in the mirror and create fun conversation while you work out. Hopefully you find it interesting and order some for yourself.


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