Welcome to Big Boi Fitness. We specialize in helping people capture their fitness goals and also help individuals create and build a platform to sustain for a lifetime. Big Boi Fitness caters to male and female clients who want to improve their health, fitness and overall wellness. 

I’ve been a practicing Certified personal trainer for a few years now and I’ve coached athletes for more than half of my life. I’ve also been an athlete who let myself go and had to recapture healthy prectices. I learned that it’s not easy to make changes and sometimes we all need a little help getting on the right path.

My approach is about teaching and learning as I have also been a teacher for over 23 years. My life as a teacher has tought me that many of us will need different paths to get to the same finish line. It has also taught me that sometimes you have to get out of your own way and let someone else guide you to a better you.  Let me be your guide. 

One thought on “About

  1. Matthew Smith

    I just saw one of your T-shirts that says grow your beard not your belly. I would love to have one. Is there anywhere to buy one in size medium?

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