Holiday Specials

Grow Your Beard/Booty Not Your Belly

Helping men and women achieve their fitness goals one step at a time. We can help you with everything from losing weight to building muscle. Everyone’s fitness goal is different. Let us help you reach yours.

Contact information: 

Phone: (919) 824-4085


You can follow us on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. @bigboifitness919

Available Training packages:

Holiday Special

$20 Package:

1 (45 minute) training session.

$160 Package:

8 (45 minute) training sessions. (2 days per week for a month)

$220 Package:

12 (45 minute) training sessions (3 days per week for a month)

$260 Package:

16 (45 minute) training sessions (4 days per week for a month)

2 Person COMBO PACKAGES: You and a partner can work out together

$200 Package

8 (45 minute sessions) – $100 per person

$240 Package

12 (45 minute sessions) – $120 per person

Virtual/Online Packages: If you live in another city or state, no problem. We have a program for you that will meet your needs. You will recieve a comprehensive program that you can use to meet your needs. Communication and help will be available for you as if we are in the same room. Workouts and examples will be provided for you as well.

30 day program – Initial consultation via skype, hangouts, facebook or photo assessments. You will get a 4 workouts a week program for four weeks. It includes a diet assessment and we will be available to answer questions and critique video of a few of your workouts. ($80)

Methods of Payment Accepted: Cash App, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, and Apple Pay