September Specials

Grow Your Beard/Booty Not Your Belly

Helping men and women achieve their fitness goals one step at a time. We can help you with everything from losing weight to building muscle. Everyone’s fitness goal is different. Let us help you reach yours.

Contact information: 

Phone: (919) 824-4085


You can follow us on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. @bigboifitness919

Available Training packages:

September Special

$20 Package:

1 (45 minute) training session.

$140 Package:

8 (45 minute) training sessions. (2 days per week for a month)

$180 Package:

12 (45 minute) training sessions (3 days per week for a month)

COMBO PACKAGES: You and a partner can work out together

$200 Package

8 (45 minute sessions) – $100 each

$240 Package

12 (45 minute sessions) – $120 each

Methods of Payment Accepted: Cash App, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, and Apple Pay


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